To do - Achieve Gender Equality

Women are still undervalued and overlooked in every country on Earth, gender parity is slipping further down governments’ to-do lists, and the impact of the pandemic and conflict around the world continues to severely affect women and girls. This International Women’s Day, we’re asking you to join us in putting Goal 5: Gender Equality, first.

  • Raise awareness

    Join others in sharing what's on your to-do list by placing a Goal sticky note over an image of something that’s important to you and sharing it on your social channels. #worldstodolist

  • Be Inspired

    Read about our work with Vital Voices and to empower women and girls to thrive, and reach their full economic potential.

  • Support Ukrainian women and girls

    Via UN Women who are working to address the burgeoning needs of women and girls.

  • Join

    UN Women's #ActForEqual campaign

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